Saturday, February 22, 2014

Celtic Knots

I've always wanted to do a class project on celtic knots. They look complicated but they are actually fairly easy to do. The trick is to create some guides and grids to use as a basis for the knot-work.

I would break the unit up into three main tutorials, leading to a culminating task. The first lesson would introduce the project with some cultural background and a look at the art history of the Picts and the Gaels. This would show students the cultural context of the work and how math and patterns are used in design- on paper and in stone.

The first lesson would end by watching a demonstration or video- the first tutorial.  This would give students a chance to practice the initial exercises and create their first knot based on a simple rectangle.

A clear and easy to follow video can be found here, and a variation can be created for demonstration

The second lesson would start with a review of the first tutorial and the art history and then a look at the second tutorial. The students would then spend some time working in their sketchbooks on the next exercises.

The third lesson would build on the first two with a more complicated knot. This would be a longer project, lasting at least three classes- and ending with the submission of the culminating task.

- Patrick

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