Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I went to see the Guillermo Del Toro exhibit at the A.G.O. last weekend and it was so good! I highly recommend it.

What makes it so enjoyable is how interdisciplinary it is. Unlike many exhibits, and galleries in general, that tend to show work separated traditionally by type: paintings hanging on the wall, the occasional sculpture, photography or print- which tend to produce the same kind of gallery behaviour by the visitors: quietly walking from one piece to the next, hands behind their back, leaning in now and then to read the didactics. This exhibit broke away from this gallery model and created what many galleries are aiming for: it was dynamic, interactive and got visitors taking and moving around experiencing the show in different ways- based on what intrigued them.

Another element that makes this show successful and refreshing is how it combines the fine arts with applied arts: painting and prints, next to costume design and story boards, next to comics and book illustration, movie props and plans for medieval stained glass windows.

I like the way it was set up: collections + influences. I think that every show would be more interesting with a section dedicated to showing what inspired and influenced the artist.

Here are a few images from the show:

- Patrick