Monday, November 7, 2016

Mystical Landscapes: Masterpieces from Monet, Van Gogh and more at the A.G.O.

This new show that's just opened at the A.G.O. looks amazing, I will definitely be checking it out soon. Find out more here:

In other A.G.O. news, I organized a great interdisciplinary field trip last week for several high school classes. The A.G.O. educators were engaging, the students had fun and learned a lot and the teachers found new ways of using visual arts as a way into their respective disciplines.

The Grade 12 English class did the Art & Literature guided tour; the Grade 12 Challenge and Change and Photography classes enjoyed the Art & Social Justice Tour; and the Grade 9 Geography and Grade 10 History classes covered a lot in the Canadian Tour. I would recommend the guided tours to any class!

- Patrick

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