Monday, November 17, 2014

A few great sites to liven up your classroom

#1. (online interactive pinboard)
-          Allows students to move items around from their own computers and, as long as they participate one at a time, they can each change the pinboard.
-          Good for timelines, sorting activities...
-          Good for labelling, exam review
-          Assignment idea: have students create padlet walls for submission.

#2. (must create an account, everything saves automatically to your account)
-          Good for definitions and terms and activities
       Create glossary
-        Provide the link to the students
-        Use the icons at the top from left to right
-          Flash cards/ with timer
-          Speller/ audio review format
-          Print the test (test button)
-          Scatter activities
-          Race activities

 #3.  Socrative ( (create a quiz)
-          Students can use their phones or laptops (with internet access)
-          Students can anonymously answer questions
-          Quiz
-          Quick questions
-          Space Race: teams compete to answer questions
-          You can generate reports, print excel spreadsheets...

-          Works best with phones
-          Timed responses to questions you create
-          Interactive
-          Easy to make quizzes, surveys
-          Can add images
-          Can download spreadsheet
-          Can access other people’s quizzes as well
-          Good for exit tickets

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