Saturday, April 7, 2012

A.G.O. joins the Google Art Project

The A.G.O. has joined other museums in contributing to the Google Art Project to make work accessible online.  Here's a National Post  article with info from A.G.O. staff and more details about the project.

And you can see more at the Google Art Project.

This is such a good idea, ever since I saw the Sistine Chapel interactive online site, (from an earlier post) I've been wanting to see more museums providing high definition content online.

By allowing the public to interact with artwork from home for free, museums can generate interest and help people make connections and build curiosity or familiarity with their collection.

This is especially useful for education, and a great tool for art teachers and students. This could be used to help with research, thematic exploration, and to prepare a class before visiting.  I hope we will see more and more great work accessible in this way.

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