Sunday, October 3, 2010

Abstract Expressionism Toolbox

1. Quality of line
2. Movement- direction/speed
3. Placement/Proximity
4. Cropping
5. Distortion
6. Form
7. Colour
8. Composition

Abstract Expressionism: expression of a quality through form and colour
(denoting a quality or condition rather than a concrete object)
Abstract: not concrete; general, ideal, conceptual, theoretical

Class activity: (with newsprint and conte)
Make marks that convey the following states:

State                   Usual Result

Greed:  mark moving out or into a central area
Ecstacy:  light, floating, lines emanating
Anxiety:  small, not in the centre
Lonliness:  many contained smaller shapes
Wrath:  up close, jagged lines, dark values
Apathy:  smaller, over to one side, no highlights or deep shadows
(From Ted Zourntos' Conceptual Process Class, Sheridan College, B.A.A.)

Follow-up Exercise: Make lists noting which responses were common throughout the class (collective/cultural) and which were unique to individual students (personal).

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